“Others” has been the rallying cry and focal point for The Salvation Army since its inception more than 150 years ago.  And never is it better displayed than in times of disaster. 


In the early morning hours of March 3rd, a tornado outbreak in Middle Tennesse left at least 24 people dead and a trail of devastation more than 50 miles long.  Within hours, The Salvation Army was already at work serving our neighbors!


Leveraging a network of resources — trained staff and specialized equipment — from across Kentucky and Tennessee, The Salvation Army began its response efforts before the sun even came up.


Because of generous support from neighbors like you, The Salvation Army is able to provide not only a warm meal and a cold drink but also the vital Emotional And Spiritual Care needs of those who survive a disaster.  


This holistic approach positions The Salvation Army as a leader in community response during times of disaster.

Of course, it is all possible because of support like yours!  We rely on neighbors sharing with neighbors through the trusted mission of The Salvation Army.  Your support goes even further because 100% of every dollar given for emergency disaster response is used to meet the needs of those impacted by the tragedy of disaster. 


Thank you for all you do to help “the least of these.” 


To see the latest service statistics or to learn more about how your disaster gift is making a difference visit www.SalArmyEDS.org.  


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